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3 Reasons Why Motor Vehicle Accidents Are More Prevalent in Summer

Bovo Law July 25, 2018

While the summer months offer great opportunities for travel and adventure, they are also the peak season for motor vehicle accidents and collisions. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), July and August are the deadliest months for motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities. But why is driving in the summer so dangerous?

Reason #1: School Is Out

Young teenage drivers are out in full-force after the last school bell rings. After months of being struck in classrooms, many youths want to dedicate their summer breaks to visiting friends and having adventures. In fact, Denver roads see a nearly 50% upsurge in the number of teenage drivers during the summer months. Because teenage drivers are often inexperienced, the number of car collisions and accidents inevitably increases. If you have a teenage driver at home, it’s important to encourage positive driving behaviors and constant vigilance.

Reason #2: It’s Vacation Time

It isn’t just teenagers who make big plans for the summer months. Because kids are out of school, many people use summer break as an opportunity for extended family vacations. Unfortunately, this often leads to road congestion and frustrated drivers traveling in unfamiliar areas. When these drivers become vexed or annoyed, they may take risky chances that result in collisions. Lost and irritated vacationers also tend to use their cell phones and GPS devices to search for directions and alternative routes. However, this constitutes distracted driving and can easily lead to an accident.

Reason #3 Roadway Construction

The summer months offer ideal weather conditions for construction work. The warmer temperatures increase the available construction time, offer optimal conditions for curing asphalt, and ensure that equipment and waterlines aren’t damaged by cold weather exposure. Unfortunately, construction work zones are also prime locations for driving collisions and fatalities. Construction workers often have to shut down lanes, divert traffic, and increase congestion to complete their jobs. When a driver isn’t 100% focused on the road, this can easily lead to a collision.

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