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5 Driving Dangers in Spring

Bovo Law March 5, 2019

Now that the cold winter months are coming to an end, we welcome the warmer weather and flowers blooming when spring arrives. Although you may think the roads are safer to drive, there are several seasonal driving hazards that may result in a car accident and injuries.

The following are five driving dangers in the springtime:

  1. Rain Spring is often associated with rain, which can lead to slippery roads and even flooding. The Federal Highway Administration states that rain was responsible for 46 percent of collisions caused by inclement weather conditions between 2005 and 2014, while wet roadways generally resulted in 73 percent. Slippery roads make it difficult for your car to maneuver and stop. Additionally, heavy rain can reduce your visibility, making it difficult to see what’s ahead of you.

  2. Hail – Since Colorado is one of several hail-belt states (e.g. Kansas, Missouri, and Wyoming), you must be wary of hailstorms during this time of year. Small hailstones can make the roads slippery and shatter windshields.

  3. New potholes – The winter season can do a number on the roads, leaving them battered once the ice and snow melt away. As soon as the roads start to clear up, be mindful of newly formed potholes.

  4. More cyclists – Now that the weather is significantly warmer, more bicycles will occupy the roads. However, driving along with cyclists can be dangerous, especially if you are not paying attention to their movements. Since cyclists do not have the same amount of protection compared to drivers of motor vehicles, a collision often leads to catastrophic and life-threatening injuries.

  5. More animals – Not only do flowers bloom in the spring, but animals also become more active. While some animals emerge from their shelters after hibernation, others are beginning their mating season. An increase of animal activity means more furry critters will be crossing streets and roaming near roadways.

When driving during the spring, make sure your vehicle is well maintained. Check your lights to see if they work properly and aren’t foggy. Replace worn-out wiper blades and check your tire pressure.

Since the first few days of the season often include rain, you should slow down and drive carefully since the roads will be significantly slippery. Be mindful of any adverse road conditions such as potholes, animals, cyclists, and even pedestrians.

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