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Attorney Bovo Representing Grubbs Family in Suicide Case

Bovo Law Feb. 9, 2017

Attorney Todd Bovo of Bovo Law, LLC is proud to be representing Tanya Smith, whose father Barton Grubbs committed suicide while in custody in a Colorado jail back in 2014. Smith has opted to file suit in civil court, alleging that the Weld County jail acted negligently by not hospitalizing her father after cameras showed him swallowing approximately 70 valium pills, and then telling both jail and CCS personnel he had done so.

The suit claims that Grubbs was not sent to the hospital because three other inmates had already gone that night. Attorney Bovo described this as a “quota” system, designed to help save money for the jail and the private, for-profit company hired to provide medical care at the jail.

In the case, authorities allegedly let Grubbs keep his medication in his pocket during his booking for a DUI arrest. Law enforcement removed his handcuffs when placing him in a holding cell, where he then proceeded to consume his pills. While officials from both corrections and CCS discussed looking at video to check Grubb’s claims, they never did, and he was brain-dead hours later.

Wrongful Death Cases

In this instance, Attorney Bovo is helping his client file a wrongful death suit against the Weld County jail and CCS for their negligence in dealing with her father. First off, law enforcement and corrections officials are not supposed to allow inmates or those in custody to keep possession of their medications for reasons like this. Secondly, the prison staff ignored Barton Grubbs’ claim that he had taken his medicine and never reviewed the video footage that was readily available to verify it.

Wrongful death suits involve those who seek compensation for damages sustained by the death of a loved one that was caused by the negligence of another. These are often emotionally overwhelming cases, both in a personal sense and in legal terms. While no amount of compensation can ever make up for the loss of a loved one, you can help secure the financial relief you need to help pay for some of the expenses and damages your loss sustains.

At Bovo Law, LLC, we understand the extent to which a personal injury or wrongful death case can impact your life. We strive to provide each of our clients with top-quality representation both inside and outside of the courtroom. As Denver personal injury attorneys, we have a detailed familiarity with our state’s laws and codes and can put them to work for you to help you collect the compensation you need to help restore your life.

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