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Casino Bus Crash Injures 26

Bovo Law Feb. 11, 2014

Yesterday a casino bus in Pennsylvania was traveling too fast in snowy conditions and crashed into an embankment. It was reported that the driver was driving the bus too fast for conditions, lost control, and crashed. Twenty five emergency medical services units responded, and 26 people were injured and taken to two area hospitals.

Companies that operate casino bus transportation advertise their services as safe, fun, and comfortable. Transportation to and from casinos in Colorado has become very popular. There are bus services from the Metro Denver area, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo that service Blackhawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek on a daily basis.

But there are risks involved in riding a bus to a Colorado casino. Road conditions attribute the most danger to passengers in large buses, and the roads to our casinos in Colorado can be quite dangerous, especially in the winter snowy months. Additionally, driver error can impact your safety on a Colorado casino bus. If the driver of your bus is negligent in his driving, such as driving to fast in snowy or rainy conditions, that negligence could cause a severe accident, just as the Pennsylvania casino bus accident shows us.

Being injured in a large bus accident can cause a great amount of injuries, and impact your life severely. Due to the large size of buses, and also at times the lack of seatbelt use, the injuries can be devastating and permanent. You can sustain physical injuries which may require hospitalization, and suffer from emotional injure as well. These injuries can cause expensive medical bills, and can cause you to lose time from work, which can lead to even greater financial and economic distress and loss.

While luckily it was reported that most of the passengers sustained minor injuries in the casino bus crash, there will still be ambulance bills, emergency room bills, as well as many other medical bills from the treatment these passengers received. The question becomes who will pay for these bills? Will the insurance company for the casino bus line pay? Will that insurance company have the best interest of the passengers in mind, or will they have their bottom line as their best interest? I can guarantee you that the best interest of those injured passengers will not be first in line for any insurance company involved.

I’m happy that no one was seriously injured, but I do hope those injured parties seek legal representation to make sure they are taken care of.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a casino bus accident here is Colorado, whether they were on the casino bus or in a vehicle hit by a casino bus, call us today. We’re here to help fight for your best interest.