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Choosing Wisely: Car Insurance Price Comparison

Bovo Law Aug. 15, 2011

There are many different options when choosing car insurance making it difficult for individuals to choose which one is the best choice for their particular needs. Parents will often begin to check into different car insurance price comparisons when their children get close to driving age since they will soon have to add their child to their car insurance policy so that they can begin to drive with their learner’s permit. There are different factors that will affect how much the individual will need to pay for a car insurance policy, and doing a car insurance price comparison helps to take those factors into account when giving a quote from different car insurance companies.

Information and Discounts

When searching for a new car insurance policy in order to add a teenaged driver to the policy, there are certain factors that can help to lessen the amount of money that the new policy will cost. When filling out the forms for a car insurance price comparison, individuals will have to show what types of steps the teen driver has taken to help to ensure that they will be safe and responsible on the road. One of these is whether the teen has kept a GPA of at least a 3.0. Car insurance price comparisons for students with a 3.0 or above versus those with a lower GPA show that the price spikes for the lower averaged students. The reasoning behind this is that if the student is responsible in school, then he or she is more likely to also be responsible behind the wheel of the car, thus presenting less of a risk to the car insurance company.

Another factor influencing a car insurance price comparison for parents of teens is whether the teen has taken a driver’s training course. Car insurance companies also deem students who have successfully completed this type of course to be more likely to be a safer driver, since they will be well armed with information and practice with a teacher. In addition, if the student has further gone on to do a defensive driving course, which covers more than just the basics of driving and rules of the road, the car insurance company also deems them less of a risk and the car insurance price comparison’s will drop.

For parents or drivers that have been on the road for a longer period of time, there are also factors that can influence whether the car insurance price comparison is higher or lower. If the driver has not had any accidents in the last five years or speeding tickets, if the driver has not had any arrests or convictions in the last five years, and if they have not had any DUIs then they are likely to have lower rates since they are less of a risk.

The foregoing article was written by the author based on experiences she has had. This article is not stated as a legal opinion or as fact but instead is stated as opinion of the author.