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Hit and Run Accident Alert Law Passes

Bovo Law March 27, 2014

Colorado Becomes 1 St State to Pass Roadside Alert Hit and Run Law

Today Colorado passed a law modeled off of Amber Alerts for Hit and Run accidents: The Medina Law.

So now you may be asking yourself two questions:

  1. What is the Medina Law?

  2. Who was this Medina Fellow?

The answer to the first question can be found here in the Bill's text. However I will give a synopsis here. Similar to Amber Alerts, when a person has life threatening injuries or has died in a Hit and Run accident Local TV and Radio will be notified and will put out an alert. Electronic Highway signs will also display information such as the color, make and style of the vehicle, license plate, damage to the car and a witness’ suspect description. The state recognizes that catching a suspect quickly is of vital importance to solving these cases. Denver and Aurora already have these alerts in place and in the past two years 17 alerts have been issued leading to 13 arrests. Currently several other states are considering following suit including: Oregon, Nebraska and Utah.

The Medina law is designed to crack down on Hit and Run drivers, who killed 34 people in Colorado in 2013. Sadly, on average a person is injured in a Hit and Run accident every day in the Denver Metro, with an average of three fatalities a month. So while our road’s are getting safer overall; here in Colorado and nationwide, Hit and Run accidents are becoming a serious threat to public safety.

The Medina Alert Law will help families and victims achieve justice for their losses. It is also important to note that carrying Uninsured Motorist coverage is highly advisable. If the Hit and Run goes unsolved you will be able to claim under your uninsured motorist provision. Ask yourself, “Is $15 every 6 months on my policy worth it?” Your answer should be a resounding yes! Ask a lawyer what your claim would be worth if you have been injured in a Hit and Run accident.

To answer our second question: Who was this Medina Fellow?

Jose Medina was employed as a valet at the Rockstar Lounge when he was struck by a drunk driver. The driver, Norma Vera-Nolasco was reportedly so intoxicated that she could not recall striking Medina. Nolasco was sentenced to 12 years in prison following her arrest at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport while attempting to flee back to Mexico; she did not have documentation to be in the country legally. Medina’s mother, Linda has been an outspoken advocate on her son’s behalf that he not be forgotten.