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I Told You So!! My Lyft Issues Come to Real Life (Except It Was Uber)

Bovo Law Aug. 30, 2013

Everyone at this point knows my dissenting opinion on the app based ride-hailing service Lyft. I have harped all week about the major problems in using Lyft, both as a driver and as a passenger. Problems surrounding liability in an accident, car damage, bodily injury, and let’s not forget the creep factor of either getting into a complete stranger’s car or having one get into your car. I’m sure all the while you thought, “Oh Paula, I know you’ve seen some crazy stuff as a personal injury attorney, but that stuff will never happen to me!” Well guess what, an insanely crazy incident happened in California, which encompasses almost everything I’ve warned you about. Except that it happened with a company called Uber which is kind of like Lyft except it uses commercial drivers and autos instead of everyday drivers and cars. I know there are some big differences between Lyft and Uber, but my point in this post is to show you that crazy stuff can happen, and after it does it becomes a big fight over who is responsible and who is going to pay.

Claire Fahrbach was walking in San Francisco when a black town car, operating as a private taxi and “partner” of Uber, collided with another car on the street while turning left. One of the cars then collided with a fire hydrant, which was knocked from its base, flew through the air, and landed on Claire who sustained lacerations to her body, a lower leg fracture, and multiple herniated discs that will most likely require surgery. Let me repeat this: a woman was walking down the street and got hit with a flying fire hydrant. You can’t make this stuff up.

Claire is now the plaintiff in case where she is suing Uber, the driver of the “partner” vehicle, and some other defendants. Who is going to pay for all of Claire’s medical bills as well as other related damages? Will it be Uber? Will it be the driver of the private taxi/Uber partner? I’m keeping a close eye on this case, and I’ll keep you posted to any interesting developments that may arise.