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Should You Settle Your Case on Your Own?

Bovo Law Aug. 13, 2013

The final part of our ebook “The Biggest Mistakes That Will Kill You Case” asks the question: should you settle your case on your own without consulting an attorney?

There are two reasons to consult with an attorney before you settle:

  1. Personal injury attorneys are experts in dealing with the insurance companies and their tactics. The attorneys at Bovo Law deal with adjusters daily, and know how to protect your rights throughout the process;

  2. Attorneys are familiar with the legal issues involved in your case. Bovo Law attorneys are experts in determining if you have a claim for negligence or loss of consortium. Additionally, our attorneys are aware of all of the deadlines and statutes of limitations that may affect your case; andPersonal injury attorneys are specialists in valuing in your case. The insurance companies will always try to undervalue your case. The attorneys at Bovo Law know the value of your case, and know how to use innovative litigation strategies to maximize your recovery.

“But I Don’t Want To Sue Anyone” We have a lot of clients who do not want to sue anyone at the outset of their accident. Insurance adjusters are hoping you won’t want to sue anyone, that way they can offer you the lowest settlement possible because they know you aren’t willing to take the next step in pursuing your own recovery. The insurance companies know which firms litigate and which firms don’t. Bovo Law is a Litigation Practice, and the insurance companies know we take our cases to trial and offer better settlements because of that.

“I Can Do This Myself” There are certain cases where in fact you can manage your own personal injury case. If you know the insurance policy limits of the other person’s policy, and your medical bills and injury impairment have exceeded or will exceed that policy limit, than you are in a good position to settle your claim on your own. Even if this is the case for you, we still recommend that you have personal injury attorney review the recovery and the release before you sign them. Bovo Law’s attorneys are happy to go over the final recovery and documents before you settle your case to make sure your settlement is reflective of your injuries, lost wages, future medical care, permanent impairment, etc.

If you decide to obtain a personal injury attorney, make sure they are experience and will be the right partner for you in your personal injury case.

Todd says:

People often wonder whether or not they truly need an attorney to assist them with their claim. The reason why this is so difficult to address is because sometimes people can do it on their own and sometimes people need the assistance of an attorney.

What are the instances when someone can do it on their own?

The easiest way to answer this question is by identifying all of the categories of damages to which you are entitled to recover compensation from the incident. For example, permanent impairment, permanent disfigurement, lost past wages, lost future wages, mileage, loss of household services, pain and suffering, etc.

1) if you believe that you fully understand the extent of your damages and 2) you are able to present documentation of the extent of your damages to the adjuster and 3) the adjuster agrees and offers to pay what you’re demanding, then you very well may be able to do this on your own. However, if you don’t fully have an understanding of the extent of your damages and all the categories and the adjuster will not agree to what you’re demanding and you don’t have all of the documentation you need, you will need an attorney to help you.