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Things to Consider when You Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Bovolaw Sept. 15, 2010

If you’re in the market for car insurance, you know that rates vary depending on where you get your quote. Some charge more for one thing – like being a male under 25 years of age who is unmarried, for example. Others pull your credit report – which can affect rates positively or negatively, depending on your financial history. It is important to compare car insurance quotes, rather than just pick one at random, or because it is cheap car insurance.

For some companies, you can get a quote online for free. This quote often does not take into account specifics of your situation, but it can be a good place to start. When you actually buy the policy, the rate can change once they discover, for example, that you have a teenage son you thought you could just leave off your policy – most insurers won’t let you do that, since he is a potential driver of the car.

For other companies, you will need to either call or sit down with an agent in his or her office. They can explain the various aspects of a policy – liability, comprehensive, collision – so that you know what it is you’re getting. They can also make sure you are being realistic with the coverage you choose. Many people automatically choose the least amount of coverage offered, so that they “have coverage”, not taking into account that the minimal amount is only a drop in the bucket of the amount needed in an average auto accident.

After you have a couple of car insurance quotes in hand, compare them. Not just by price, but by a whole host of other things.

Quality Of Company

First, think about the different companies you’ve got car insurance quotes from. Compare the reputations of the companies. Is there one you trust more than the other? Or one that is known for their excellent customer service, or response to issues? There are sites online that rate car insurance companies by issues such as these – you might consider checking what customers think of them. Also, look at how your payments are made. Do you have to mail them in? Many customers like being able to pay their bill on line, day or night. For them, an online company is more useful. They can also make changes to their coverage whenever they want, and see updated rates instantly.

Apples To Apples

When comparing quotes for car insurance, be sure you’re comparing like coverage. For example, if the ABC Insurance company is giving you an rate of $100 a month and XYZ wants $120, your instinct may be to go with ABC because it costs less. Wait! Read the rest of the quote! If ABC is quoting coverage of 25/50/15, that’s not nearly as good a deal as the XYZ’s quote for 100/300/100. Gotta be sure both companies are quoting the same amount of coverage – otherwise, you might not get the insurance you think you want.

Of course, if all else is equal, consider price. Pricing can vary widely between companies, especially if you are a “harder to insure” customer. If you have had a suspended license, or accidents, or allowed your insurance to lapse for some reason, those things will count against you. The same goes for being a young, inexperienced driver, or for being a young male. How much it counts is up to the individual car insurance company. Compare the quotes. If coverage is the same, some companies will just plain offer you a better rate.

The foregoing article was written by the author based on experiences she has had. This article is not stated as a legal opinion or as fact but instead is stated as opinion of the author.