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Thinking About Getting Lyft-Ed? Watch Out!

Bovo Law Aug. 27, 2013

Rising in popularity is a new ride-hailing service called Lyft. Essentially, it’s an app where you log on, ask for a ride, and a pre-screened Lyft driver will come and pick you up and take you to your destination. After you get out, you can decide what to pay the driver if you want to pay them anything at all, the payment is considered a “donation.” It’s ok to pay them nothing. Not a bad deal huh? Well, outside of my own personal reluctance to get in a car with a complete stranger, as a personal injury attorney I can tell you that there are some huge problems with Lyft if you happen to get into an accident when using the service.

This week we’ll go into the premise behind Lyft and the myriad of personal injury issues that come along with using the service both as a driver and as a passenger. We’ll look at whether your average auto insurance policy covers you and your vehicle as a driver in the event of an accident. We’ll explore what happens if you are injured as a passenger in a vehicle hailed through the Lyft app. And finaly we’ll look at some of the more creepy aspects of what can happen when you use Lyft and get into a strangers car.