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We Told You Insurance Companies Are Bad

Bovo Law July 17, 2014

Yesterday, we shared a link to a news story regarding an ex-insurance executive’s plot to kill a judge.

Todd breaks it down for you here:

We won a trial last January, and a Denver Jury awarded our Bovo Law client a large verdict against PT’s All Nude, due to an assault on our client by the bouncers and staff at PT’s. PT’s was represented by three different firms because the insurance company, Indemnity, wasn’t paying the bills. The defendants appealed our winning verdict.

The defendants filed to stay the appeal because the attorney general initiated liquidation proceedings against Indemnity. The owner, Jeffrey Cohen, informed regulators that the company was financially sound and had millions of unencumbered cash at Susquehanna Bank. Mr. Cohen tried to thwart insurance investigators and provided a false post office box, telephone number, fax number, and email address claiming it was from the bank. The investigators figured it out, and government agents raided his house in Maryland. Mr. Cohen was arrested. First, Mr. Cohen was ordered by the Court to return the company owned Aston Martin, Ford Mustang Shelby GT, and Range Rover. Cohen blocked Indemnity’s front entrance with one sports car, and a parking lot entrance with another. They had to tow them because he didn’t leave the keys.

When Federal agents searched his home, office, and vehicles they found extensive evidence of a sinister plot. Agents found a digital recorder that Cohen used to record what agents believe was a reconnaissance mission to the home of the judge presiding over the liquidation of Indemnity and a target list of Maryland and Delaware government employees and searches for hostage negotiation techniques and bomb device information on his iPad.
Cohen was recorded saying, “Society needs to look at the fact that killing isn’t wrong in certain circumstances, and killing culls the weak,” “Killing culls the wrong so that society can have a better chance of survival without certain obstacles.” Agents discovered weapons including a precision rifle with a scope, a shotgun, another rifle and four handguns.

Authorities said Cohen was planning to use homeless people to carry explosives in backpacks to attack his targets.

Cohen is being held in jail on the charges. He has switched public defenders several times and is now representing himself.

We told you insurance companies were bad, and now here is a real life story to prove just how malicious the companies and their owners can really be.

We’ll be closely following this story, and will keep you posted with updates

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