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What Happens if You Don’t Have Flood Insurance? SBA Disaster Loan.

Bovo Law Sept. 19, 2013

As we quoted in a previous post, FEMA stated that only about 22,000 homeowners in the entire state of Colorado have flood insurance. An SBA Disaster Loan may be what you are looking for!

So what do you do if you don’t have flood insurance, and you are one of the thousands of victims of the recent Colorado flooding?

One of the options you have is applying for a disaster loan through the U.S. Small Business Administration. There are 4 types of disaster loans the SBA offers, all are low-interest, long term loans.

  1. Home and Personal Property Loans

  2. Business Physical Disaster Loans

  3. Economic Injury Disaster Loan

  4. Military Reservists Economic Injury Loans