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Case Results

NFL General Manager Injured in
Auto Collision

When the General Manager of a very successful NFL football team was badly injured in an auto accident in Colorado, he could have chosen any Colorado personal injury attorney; he was extremely busy and did not have time for the insurance company’s delay tactics. He chose to be represented by Bovo Law. Denver Bovo Law aggressively litigated the case, while balancing his client’s busy schedule. Through creative tactics, Bovo Law was able to increase the initial offer by 325% and settled the case with a very satisfied client.


Family Hit by Drunk Driver

The family was returning from a family outing when a drunk driver slammed into their vehicle at 80 miles per hour. The driver then fled the scene and was found hiding in a nearby creek. Each family member was transported to the hospital. The daughter was transported to the hospital by helicopter with life threatening injuries. When the insurance company refused to pay what was fair, we sued. We battled the insurance companies to make sure we did not leave anything on the table and the clients were thankful that we did. In the end, strategic legal maneuvers showed the insurance company that our demands were reasonable and they eventually agreed to our demands and settled the case before going to trial.


Denver Jury Verdict

Every year Bovo Law goes to trial. In early 2013, Bovo Law represented a client who was beaten and severely injured by several bouncers at a nightclub. The insurance company for the club offered only $500 to settle the case claiming that it was the patron’s fault, not the club’s. Bovo Law was able to show that the bouncers were not telling the truth and they were hiding information. The result was a sizeable verdict for a satisfied client.


Police Officers Driving Badly

When police officers believe they are above the law and hurt people because they think they can do whatever they want, Bovo Law reminds them that no one is above the law. Bovo Law has recovered $318,000 against three police officers who all lied about how fast they were driving. Initially, all three police officers denied responsibility claiming governmental immunity.


Assault Resulting in Traumatic
Brain Injury

A Colorado University student was attacked and left for dead. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency brain surgery to save his life. The person who caused the injuries fled the scene. Bovo Law agreed to represent the client. The Defendant hired three attorneys to defend him. When the case was forced into litigation we came out on top. The client was able to get the care he needed, pay his medical bills, and received a reasonable amount.


Father and Daughter Hit by
Distracted Driver

Our firm agreed to represent this father and daughter. This firm first sought to make sure they got the right medical care. The minor daughter sustained injuries that required extensive, prolonged treatment. Bovo Law was there throughout the process. The father and daughter received great care and recovered. Bovo Law assured that all the bills were paid and the clients received a fair amount for undergoing the difficult ordeal.


Mother and Son Hit by
Speeding Distracted Driver

A driver was speeding and looking at his phone. The light turned red and he ran the red light and slammed into our client and her minor son. The impact caused their van to roll upside down. They had to be extricated, upside down. They were taken to the hospital by ambulance. Both received the necessary medical treatment including neck surgery. Bovo Law proved liability and the extent of his clients’ injuries. The insurance company did not want to go to trial and paid.


Policy Limits Offer Attorney
Refused to Go to Trial

A frantic client came to Bovo Law when her attorney filed a motion to withdraw a few months before the trial date. That attorney was only able to acquire a $40,000 offer which was not enough to pay the medical bills. The client then sought Bovo Law’s representation who got the insurance company to increase the offer by $60,000 to $100,000 (policy limits) in just a few months. Bovo Law paid the bills and had enough left for a satisfied, thankful client.


Settlement After Son Tried
to Do It Himself

A very thoughtful son tried to negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of his elderly mother. The insurance company would not budge. The best offer he was able to recover was $32,000. The son then found Bovo. Bovo took the case and quickly but thoroughly organized the essential information, which showed that this case was a policy limit ($100,000) case. Eventually, the insurance company agreed and paid the policy limits. The son and mother said that the settlement changed her life.


Policy Limits for Dentist Auto Crash

When an attorney representing a dentist refused to go to trial, she went to 8 different attorneys. Because trial was only a few months away, it was too risky, nobody wanted to take the case. Bovo Law took the case and worked quickly to prepare for trial. Bovo Law aligned expert witnesses that would attest that this dentist was badly injured. It worked. In a matter of months Bovo Law accepted a policy limits offer.


Policy Limits for Retired Postmaster General

Occasionally, other attorneys ask Bovo Law to “co-counsel” a case. In this Bovo Law was asked to “co-counsel” a case with an attorney. He was having a hard time getting a policy limits offer. Bovo Law worked with him and developed a litigation strategy. Together they implemented the strategy and it worked. The client was offered the policy limits which he accepted.


Settlement After Adjuster Offered only $3,000.00

The client came to Bovo Law in tears when the adjuster told her that no jury in the world would ever settle for more than $3,000. Nobody would take her case. Bovo Law took the case. He proved the severity of her injuries and was about to take the case to trial when the insurance company agreed to pay the policy limits.


Crash from Woman Falling Asleep

Husband and wife came to Mr. Bovo after being struck from behind at 60 mph. The woman who caused the crash claimed that she was not at fault because of a “sudden emergency.” She did not offer anything to settle. Bovo Law first made sure the clients got the treatment they needed to get better. Then, he investigated the case to prove that this so-called, “sudden emergency” was a frivolous defense. The insurance company agreed and paid when Bovo Law proved that the woman who caused the crash had been notified that she should not have been driving because of the side effect from the medications she was taking.


Policy Limits Settlement in
Motorcycle Crash

Our client was the passenger on the back of a motorcycle. He failed to yield to oncoming traffic and was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Our female client was thrown off the motorcycle and struck by two different vehicles. She was transported to the hospital by helicopter. The client deserved much more than $75,000, but that was the policy limits, and the person who caused the crash did not have any assets. Bovo Law not only paid all the bills, but was able to negotiate the bills so that the client received a sizeable settlement. She was very thankful for Bovo Law’s work and was amazed at the result.


Confidential Settlement Against Ameristar Casino, Black Hawk

Ameristar in Black Hawk over-served a young VIP patron. Because the patron was gambling a lot of money, the bartender made sure he had plenty to drink, because the more he drank the more he gambled. When he left the casino visibly intoxicated, the valet brought his exotic sports car. Moments later he slammed into our client at a high rate of speed. Our client was rushed to the hospital. She sustained a traumatic brain injury. The insurance company paid the policy limits and the casino paid a confidential amount to resolve the claim.