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Train Accidents Attorney in Denver, Colorado

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According to the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis, in a recent recorded period of just three years, there were approximately 115 reported train accidents throughout the Denver communities. Train accidents can result in catastrophic injuries for the passengers inside or for those near the train. Obtaining compensation after an accident typically involves complex litigation.

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Major Railroads & Railroad Groups

Train accidents can involve very complex litigation because there are so many factors involved. The first main factor is designating which train, railroad, or railroad group was negligent and at fault.

  • The Federal Railroad Administration lists 8 major railroads and railroad groups:

  • BNSF Railway Co.

  • Union Pacific Railroad Co.

  • San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad Co.

  • Amtrak

  • Colorado & Wyoming Railway Company

  • Denver Rock Island Railroad

  • Great Western Railway of Colorado, LLC

  • Rock & Rail Inc.

In addition to the above railroads and railway groups, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) runs the Light Rail throughout the Denver Metro area. The issues surrounding an incident with RTD are extremely complex train accident litigation proceedings. There were 15 reported train accidents in 2013 between January and October in Colorado.

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