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Bicycle Accidents Attorney in Denver, Colorado

Millions of Dollars Won by Bovo Law, LLC

On the spectrum of injury accidents, bicycle accidents often seem to be taken lightly. Many don’t understand the risks of riding a bicycle, much less the extent that an injury can have on your life. Personal injury Attorney Todd Bovo regularly competes in the Triple Bypass and is also a four-time IronMan. It’s safe to say he knows just how bad a bicycle accident can really be and how much compensation a cycling accident victim truly deserves.

Bovo Law, LLC has litigated many bike accidents and we’ve brought fair and just compensation to our cyclist clients who have been injured as the result of another person’s negligence. Our Denver bicycle accident attorneys are backed by years of experience and have won millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

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Who Is Liable in A Bicycle Accident?

The most important question in any accident case is who is liable for the accident that caused the victim to be injured. Bicycle accidents are some of the most difficult cases to establish liability since there are different rules governing cyclists and automobiles. In fact, some of the rules that cyclists adhere to put them in danger rather than protecting them.

The “side-of-the-road” rule accounts for some of the most common types of bike accidents:

  • Hitting an open car door

  • Being side-swiped by a passing vehicle

  • Being hit by a vehicle making a right turn

It is not uncommon for negligent drivers and their insurance companies to attempt to hold the injured cyclists at fault for the bicycle accident. Many drivers view cyclists as a nuisance and do not even know the specific road regulations that cyclists follow in order to maintain public safety. At Bovo Law, LLC, our firm believes that bicyclists in Denver deserve the same equal rights on the road as motorists. We are very familiar with Denver’s bicycle laws and will devote our resources to building a case against the driver who hurt you.

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Bike Laws in Colorado

While there are some regulations that cyclists share with vehicle drivers, there are also many regulations that are specific to cyclists. Cyclists must abide by these regulations. In fact, failure to do so can negatively impact a bicycle accident case.

  • When riding a bicycle, take these precautions:

  • Never ride against traffic

  • Ride on paved shoulders and bike lanes when present and hazard-free

  • Ride single-file on curved roads without lanes or shoulders

  • Use hand signals to indicate your movements

  • Use a headlight, taillight, and reflectors in low light or at night

  • Make eye contact with drivers

  • Don’t assume the right of way

  • Wear helmets, glasses, gloves, and other protective gear

It’s important for cyclists to be aware of bike-specific regulations, especially concerning the sharing of roadways. Our Denver bike accident lawyers can effectively investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and fight for just compensation from the liable parties. We provide each of our clients with the individual attention that their case needs in order to achieve results. Due to our thorough approach to case preparation, we’ve established a track record of success!

Serving the Denver communities, Bovo Law, LLC provides dedicated representation for cyclists injured by negligent drivers. Call to learn more.