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Do I Need an Attorney?

A devastating injury can happen at any given moment. After a traumatizing event, such as a car or trucking accident, assault, or wrongful death of a loved one, you may be focused on important things such as healing, dealing with insurance, or other ways to put this event behind you. In some cases, people choose to just move on from the incident and take no action.

While some people think this may be the right move for them in the time, in the long wrong it can be harmful. There are many benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney after an accident such as taking more time to heal, the possibility of a pricey settlement, and holding negligent parties accountable for their negligence. At Bovo Law Group, I’ll strive to find the right solution for your needs and obtain the justice that you deserve.

Hands-On Medical & Legal Experience

Before becoming an attorney, I served as a paramedic in Colorado. As a first responder, I saw firsthand how a terrible accident can derail your entire future. My goal then was to put the patient at ease and give them hope and I carried that idea into my career as a lawyer. Something I learned back then was the earlier a person took action in a personal injury case the better. While it is important for you to heal, if wait too long to take legal recourse, it may be too late. Physical evidence may disappear making it more difficult to build a strategy to benefit you. Along with an early start on the lawsuit, I am able to take full control of your case and give you the space and freedom to heal and relax.

Insurance companies can also be difficult to deal with. Sometimes, they do not offer full and appropriate settlement amounts to their injured policyholders. I am not afraid to challenge insurers who only care about their profits and do not protect the rights of their clients.

A Personal Injury Attorney for You

In some circumstances, I provide my services as an attorney pro bono, meaning, no charge. At the end of the day, achieving compensation is the number-one goal, and I am here to advise on you ways in which you can do so. However, I am not here to get in the way of whichever path you choose to take. If I am not the right attorney for you, I will happily point you toward an attorney who could be.

No matter your circumstances, I am on your side. If you have suffered an injury, do not hesitate in contacting me at Bovo Law Group, located in Denver, Colorado. I also represent those who reside in the neighboring areas of Cherry Creek, Crested Butte, Steamboat Springs, and Telluride.